Requirements for Becoming a Risk Analyst

A risk analyst understands the risk/criticality methodology of a RBI program. Per API 580, risk assessment personnel should receive detailed training on the RBI methodology that is being utilized. This training is designed to meet the needs of inspectors and engineers who are calculating criticality/risk in an RBI program when making inspection planning decisions. We will review these training requirements and take you through the systematic process for these decisions with real world examples.
Webinar:  Requirements for Becoming a Risk Analyst


The risk analyst webinar is designed to help participants understand the risk/criticality methodology in the RBMI software. Per API 580, risk assessment personnel should receive detailed training on the RBI methodology that is being utilized. We will touch on the topics covered in our two day training seminar designed to meet that need for inspectors and engineers that are calculating criticality/risk in RBI to make inspection planning decisions.

Topics Covered

  • RBI Concepts
  • RBI Methodology
  • RBI Assumptions
  • Validate RBI Inputs and Outputs
  • Communicate and Document Risk / Criticality Results
  • RBI Data Sensitivity
  • Interpret Risk(Criticality) Results

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