Risk Analyst Training for RBMI

Two-day course designed to help participants understand the risk/criticality methodology in the RBMI software.
Risk Analyst Training for RBMI


2 day course designed to help participants understand the risk/criticality methodology in the RBMI software. Per API 580, risk assessment personal should receive detailed training on the RBI methodology that is being utilized. This course is designed to meet that need for inspectors and engineers that are calculating criticality/risk in RBMI to make inspection planning decisions.

Prerequisite Course:

RBI Work Process using RBMI or RBMI Basic Training

Course Topics

  • RBI Concepts
  • RBMI Methodology
  • RBI Assumptions
  • Validate RBMI Inputs and Outputs
  • Communicate and Document Risk(Criticality Results
  • RBMI Data Sensitivity
  • Interpret Risk(Criticality) Results


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