A Rich Heritage

Asset Optimization Consultants, Inc., (AOC) is the masterwork of three industry leaders: Scott Jones, Leon Johnson, and Mike Hurley. Their privately owned corporation burst into the engineering industry in Houston, Texas, in 2012. However, the rich heritage of the company actually dates back 20 years.
  • Today

    Powerful Solutions

    Today, clients of all sizes rely on the powerful solutions of Asset Optimization Consultants. From fledgling companies to large corporations with billions in assets such as Chevron, BP, and Pemex, Asset Optimization Consultants provides one consistent, scalable delivery model for program optimization and innovation.

  • 2012

    Establishment of AOC

    Asset Optimization Consultants was founded in Houston, Texas in 2012. It is the culmination of the founders' old wisdom and new vision. With more than 400 years of combined experience, two decades of collaboration, and dozens of long-term partnerships, AOC provides the best approach to engineering, mechanical integrity, risk-based inspections, process and project management, fitness for service, and learning and performance improvement.

  • New Mission

    The success of their former company, Capstone, led Scott, Leon, and Mike to one undeniable conclusion: The most holistic solutions are built upon the most empowered people. The right people, processes, and technologies can equip companies to measure performance and optimize their own programs.

    The team developed a new mission. They still recognized the need for holistic solutions; this time, however, they would change their method of delivery. Rather than build up their own company into a strong, in-house workforce, they would leverage their industry partnerships to build up the strength of their clients' companies through the empowerment of their clients' people.

  • 2010

    The Leadership Team Moves to Meridium

    Leon, Mike, and Scott identified an exciting opportunity and started the Asset Integrity Management team at Meridium. Their charter was two-fold: First, they provided the technical expertise necessary to make the Meridium Mechanical Integrity tool, which included Risk Based Inspection, Thickness Monitoring, and Inspection Management modules - a “best in class” software application. Second, they developed a service delivery branch of the Meridium organization focused on delivering value to new and existing Meridium customers. The opportunity provided the team with a big picture view of the Asset Management space and later, to achieve Meridium Certified Service Provider status.

  • Fall, 2005

    The Sale of Capstone

    Their first company, Capstone, led the industry in its approach to training. Leon's innovative program as head of Learning and Personnel Development was adopted by clients throughout North America and parts of Asia. By the time it was sold in the Fall of 2005 to what is known today as Lloyd's Register Energy Americas, Capstone was consistently producing revenues of $30 million. Its services and software were delivering hundreds of RBI projects across thousands of process units and millions of assets throughout process industries.

  • 2005

    Mike Joins the Team

    In 2005, Mike Hurley joined Capstone as head of Risk Based Asset Management (RBAM). Mike was an engineer who had consulted with Scott and Leon for nearly a decade on behalf of companies such as the Rohm and Haas Company and a subsidiary of TotalFinaElf, now known as Arkema. Mike joined the team following his successful role in the implementation of the API RBI program at the Rohm and Haas facility.

  • 2002

    Formation of Capstone Software Systems

    After scouring the marketplace for nearly six years to identify a Risk Based Inspection software tool to support their service delivery activities, they took the plunge and decided to build their own. They defined a functional software specification, built a team of expert software developers, and worked tirelessly to develop the tool that would support their needs and those of their customers. The result was the Capstone RBMI software. The software tool combined a powerful semi-quantitative Risk Based Inspection calculator with the tools necessary to manage a Mechanical Integrity inspection program.

  • 1996

    Capstone Engineering

    In 1996, Scott and Leon were among nine distinguished subject matter experts who founded Capstone Engineering Services, Inc. Their mission was to provide holistic solutions for mechanical integrity problems and to focus on the care of their employees and customers. Of their accomplishments, their most impactful solution was the implementation of the first major API RBI program in the chemical industry. The program became the new corporate standard for the Rohm and Haas Company, which was later purchased by Dow Chemical.

  • 1995

    First Collaboration

    Cofounders Scott Jones and Leon Johnson first collaborated together at Det Norske Veritas (DNV) in 1995.