Achieve Sustained Performance from your Asset Integrity Team

"It's all about the people," as our VP of Technology, Mike Hurley, always says. Our Learning Management approach aligns people with work process best practices as well as technology that facilitate the outcome of those work processes. As servant leaders, our highest priority is to encourage, support, and enable those around us to unfold their full potential and abilities. Through mentoring, on the job training and ongoing skills assessment, we have been able to affect human performance improvement that transforms the owner's personnel to an enhanced safety and performance culture, which is crucial to becoming an effective, compliant, and reliable operation.

Whether closing the gaps on a mechanical integrity assessment or delivering a world class RBI program, the owner's personnel are enabled to embrace the new processes and procedures and develop the discipline and effective behaviors to utilize them in all circumstances. As evident in the following diagram, learning management begins with skills assessments and completes the journey with skills validation

Achieve Sustained Performance from your Asset Integrity Team


An RBI project encompasses a number of steps, including:

  • Data Mining
  • Systemizing and Circuitizing Piping
  • Damage Mechanism Review/Corrosion Study
  • Running a Risk Analysis
  • Generating Recommendations/Delivering Risk Based Inspection Work Plan

AOC can provide all the resources to deliver an RBI study and manage an RBI program -- we are doing that today. But our preference is to empower our clients, to enable our clients to manage their risk based inspection programs themselves. Therefore, we have crafted a learning management approach to delivering a sustainable RBI program.

Simply stated, we deliver each of the above steps as part of a set of work processes that are aligned with the Owner's work processes. We then conduct OJT modules for each step prior to executing these steps. Our consultants then work with the owner's personnel to mentor and coach them through each task until the owner's personnel are equal to our consultants in their knowledge of managing an RBI program. Finally, to ensure sustainability and continued improvement, we establish a skills validation tool set as part of an online learning program for those now managing the RBI program.

Whether providing all the resources to complete each step or integrating the client's personnel as part of the RBI delivery team, learning management instills a sense of confidence and empowerment in the Owner's personnel.