As part of our community and customer engagement, our consultants routinely create video content for various topics. Check here for anything from two-minute descriptions of our various services and offerings to longer, 20-minute presentations addressing a very specific topic in our industry.

API 581 Training


Leon Johnson – VP for Learning and Performance, introduces our new API 581 Training Course. This three-day training course will walk participants through the key elements of the API 581 Recommended Practice. It can be delivered both face-to-face or remotely.

API 580 Training


This is the second video in our short video series describing the various services and offerings of AOC.

Leon Johnson, VP for Learning and Performance, introduces our very popular API 580 Training Course. This is a course that is ideal preparation before taking your API 580 exam. It has been delivered on three continents and can be delivered either face to face or remotely.

For more information about our API 580 Training course, check out

Defining the Master Asset List


In this video we cover some issues that need to be considered when you decide to implement a Risk Based Inspection Mechanical Integrity Program. The reasons for implementing an RBI program will have a big influence on the assets that you choose to include. In our experience it is important to choose equipment for a Pilot Project wisely.

Introduction to Training Services Offered by AOC


Leon Johnson – VP for Learning and Performance, explains some of the ways that we can help companies solve their training needs.

Transitioning from Time-Based to RBI


This is the eighth post in our series on Risk Based Inspection (RBI).

In this video, Mike explains some of challenges that need to be tackled when moving from a Time-Based regime to a Risk Based Inspection Mechanical Integrity Program. Change is a difficult journey for any organization, but Mike shares his pragmatic and enthusiastic views on why change needs to be embraced and the benefits that an organization can gain from completing this journey.

Establishing IOWs for RBI


This is the seventh Video in our RBI Video Log Series.

We have received some recent requests to explain IOWs or Integrity Operating Windows in more detail. Responding to this request, in this video Travis Gaston who is a Consultant with Asset Optimization Consultants in Houston, explains why IOWs are important and how they are used as part of your Asset Integrity Management Program.

API 580 Certification


In January 2019, Scott Jones, the President and CEO of Asset Optimization Consultants set a company objective of having all our Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Consulting Staff certified to API 580. We are very pleased to say that this objective was achieved in early 2020. In this presentation AOC Team Leader, Billy Walker explains why it was so important for the company to be able to achieve this goal.

AOC Offers Remote Support


This year has been tough for companies and individuals alike. Between the virus, working from home, and the shutdowns, we are all being asked to do more with less. We at AOC want to let all of our clients and friends know that we are still here for you. We have revamped the way we do business so that most all of our services can be performed virtually with the exception of performing onsite visual and NDE inspections.

Project Planning in Risk Based Inspection (RBI)


Our third presentation in our RBI YouTube Series is delivered by Leon Johnson. Leon is our VP of Performance and Learning.

This short presentation entitled RBI Project Planning, covers the decisions that need to be made when developing the RBI project scope. It also discusses the factors that influence the resources required to execute the project scope such as the chosen methodology and software options.

Key Roles in the Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Team


This presentation is the second in our new Video Log Series.

In this video our Senior Consultant, Paul Raithby will explain the reasons for a Team approach to execute a successful Risk Based Inspection Implementation Project. He will identify the various personnel required to implement a project and their roles in ensuring that the Project is executed efficiently and can be sustained.

RBI VLOG Series Introduction


This presentation is the first in our new Video Log Series.

Over the next few months the team of consultants at Asset Optimization Consultants will discuss all aspects of the Risk Based Inspection implementation process.

We will start with the Key Roles required in the RBI Team and move through the Planning Process; Data Collection; The Damage Mechanism Review; Risk Analysis; Inspection Planning; Training associated with a RBI implementation and finally Risk Projection.

For people who are not aware of the history and experience of AOC this presentation shows the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in the areas of Asset Integrity and Reliability, and the global reach that the company offers.

Introduction to Risk Based Inspection


This video is a short presentation, around 20 minutes long, introducing the subject of Risk Based Inspection (RBI). It focuses on:

  • The reasons for implementing a Risk Based Inspection program
  • The concept of Risk
  • How to implement and sustain a Risk Based Inspection program, and
  • Some of the benefits that will be gained by a business by implementing a Risk Based Inspection program