What We Believe

We firmly believe in seven core values that protect all people, drive our solutions, and contribute to the success of our clients.


The safety and health of our employees, our clients' employees, and the general public must take precedence over all forms of endeavor and commerce.


Our customers and our employees are our most important assets. Our promise to both is to provide the highest degree of service, practical solutions, the best people, and personal integrity in all that we do.

Customer Focus

Our company will be customer focused by being agile and innovative in meeting their needs and expectations


We will act as good stewards of the public trust and will always err on the side of public safety and environmental conservation.


The synergy of our Engineering, Software, Process, and Inspection expertise provides the unique Asset Management solutions needed by industry.

Risk-Based Solutions

Risk based solutions deployed around the world will make this planet a safer and healthier place.


We must use all of our expertise to allow our clients to understand and manage the ever increasing risk of a more complex manufacturing environment.


Our Mission

We are committed to supporting operating companies around the world as they strive to obtain business advantage by improving their safety, integrity, and reliability of their assets. To support these goals, we will use practical risk based solutions to develop or improve our customers' people, processes and technologies resulting in quick, measurable and sustainable value.