Collaborative relationships in a global environment

Our Learning Management Approach to Asset Integrity Management is based on the collaborative power of three relationships: the expert leadership of our experienced consultants, the strengths and manpower of your existing program, and the direct resources of trusted partners. Together, we achieve your confidence and sustainability in work process best practices around the world.

Collaborative relationships in a global environment

Our Consultants

We are an experienced group of servant leaders who understand that your integrity begins with us. Asset Optimization Consultants applies the same relentless high standards and attention to your company as to our own organization, which is why 90 percent of our clients have worked with us for more than 15 years.

Our commitment to Asset Integrity Management solutions has led to the development of a successful delivery model called Learning Management. Today, we share decades of knowledge of asset-intensive industries in an approach that is easy to understand and sustain.

Your Team

We value clients of all capabilities in asset-intensive industries around the world. Whether you are a fledlging domestic midstream company just getting started with a risk-based program or a best-in-class international operation ready to improve your asset reliability, Asset Optimization Consultants is an advocate for your success.

We invest in a close relationship with you to become deeply familiar with your heritage, culture, and goals. Based on who you are and what you want, our Learning Management Approach builds your team and fills your gaps. Regardless of your size, capability, and needs, one outcome is certain: You emerge capable and confident in sustaining best practices in Asset Integrity Management.

Our Partners

We keep our focus on you and your goals. In addition to building our own workforce, Asset Optimization Consultants leverages a competent global network of partner companies that complement our areas of expertise. Whether you're in Houston or Rotterdam, our strong and diverse group of trusted suppliers quickly provide local, personalized resources that match our standards for excellence.

Together, our servant leaders and longtime partners share an easy rapport, collaborative power, expert knowledge, and critical resources as part of our Learning Management Approach. The practical approach of our multidiscipline team ensures high quality, dramatic cost-effectiveness, and precision of work process best practices.