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  National Regulation 13 in Brazil

by Paul Sheriff, 3/31/2021

Tags: Inspection Mechanical Integrity Regulation

Although Risk Based Inspection is well recognised as a good practice it has not been adopted by every country in the world. Brazil in particular has its own Regulatory Standard known as NR13 which it uses to set out some minimum time-based safety standards for the management and inspection of steam boilers, pressure vessels, some metal storage tanks and their interconnecting pipes. Hopefully the adoption of Risk Based Inspection is not far away.


  A Practical Way to Incorporate the New PHMSA Underground Gas Storage Requirements Into your MI Program

by Michael Hurley, 3/11/2021

Tags: Damage Mechanisms Inspection Mechanical Integrity Process Safety Management Regulation Risk Analysis Risk Based Inspection Risk Management

PHMSA has out a new rule for underground natural gas storage facilities (UNGSFs). This is practical approach to incorporating gas wells into your mechanical integrity program with the rest of your surface and subsurface assets.


  Plant Management 101: Common Work Processes

by Michael Hurley, 3/3/2021

Tags: Asset Performance Management Data Collection Data Validation Mechanical Integrity Process Safety Management Reliability Risk Management Training Work Process

This article deals with the dysfunctionality found in many refineries, chemical plants, and other production facilities. This can lead a facility to not reaching its value and reliability goals. One of the main reasons for this dysfunctionality is facility departments not using a common asset management work process.