The GE APM MI Suite

We will provide a good overview of the GE APM software (formerly Meridium) including the how it interfaces to SAP, Pi, and Emerson's AMS Suite. We will discuss the steps required for implementing APM. GE APM provides a deep and wide reliability toolset that includes Calibration Management, Asset Health Manager, Lubrication Management, Production Loss Accounting, Root Cause Analysis, RCM/FMEA, Asset Strategy Management, Mechanical Integrity, SIS Management, and Hazards Analysis.


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Historical and real time structured, unstructured, disorganized, document-centric data

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GE APM work processes, APM Foundation

We will provide a good overview of the GE APM software (formerly Meridium) including the how it interfaces to SAP, Pi, and Emerson's AMS Suite. We will discuss the steps required for implementing APM. GE APM provides a deep and wide reliability toolset that includes:

  • Calibration Management which addresses the need for Loop and tag managment, calibration management and optimization and reliability analysis of instrumentation
  • Asset Health Manager utilized for operator rounds with Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) set up and based on round data the equipment risk changes. If an unacceptable risk level is met then various actions could be taken based on level of risk thresholds (i.e., alarms, emails, autogenerated W.O.s, ...etc.)
  • Lubrication Management Program - You can set up lube routes, lube points, track consumption and manage chang-out/refill activities
  • Production Loss Accounting - Very robust system that can monitor not only production losses, but utilize advanced reliability analysis to look at operational variability, equipment availability, unreliability, reliability growth tracking (CrowAMSAA), reliability distributions, and reliability modeling. Also, it can give you the most likely scenarios of equipment failure in your plant so that you can target "what-if" scenarios to work on based on risk
  • Root Cause Analysis - Utilizes PROACT methodology for RCI determination. Can track all action items
  • RCM/FMEA - Has the capability to do Reliability Centered Maintenance and FMEAs
  • Asset Strategy Management - Way to easily and consistently perform Asset Criticality Assessments
  • The Mechanical Integrity Program - Built-in software solution for managing RBI program. Also manages other inspections and has built-in calculations for minimum thickness, corrosion rates, and retirement dates. It tracks inspection recommendations also
  • SIS Management - Has built-in program for SIL assessment, SIL validation, proof testing and reliability analysis

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