Steam System Risk Mitigation Using Risk Based Inspection

A review of AOC's partnership with the Dow/DuPont Sabine River Facility, Rob Sladek and Gerald Skinner were part of the team tasked to perform an RBI implementation on the plant's steam system, the goal of which was to mitigate risk and reduce maintenance costs associated with the utilities service. This case study outlines a great success story for an often overlooked, but critical, operation within the plant. Presented on January 30, 2019 at the API 2019 Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Summit.

Steam System Risk Mitigation Using Risk Based Inspection

Steam System Risk Mitigation Using Risk Based Inspection

Slide 1: Steam System Risk Mitigation Using Risk Based Inspection

BIO - Gerald Skinner

Slide 2: BIO - Gerald Skinner

BIO - Rob Sladek

Slide 3: BIO - Rob Sladek

What's the Problem?

Slide 4: What's the Problem?

Steam System Risk Mitigation using RBI

Slide 5: Steam System Risk Mitigation using RBI


Slide 6: Scope

Project Planning

Slide 7: Project Planning

DMR Findings

Slide 8: DMR Findings

Default Semi-Quantitative Methodology

Slide 9: Default Semi-Quantitative Methodology

Production Consequence Methodology

Slide 10: Production Consequence Methodology

Risk Results

Slide 11: Risk Results

Maintenance Recommendations

Slide 12: Maintenance Recommendations

Inspection Plans

Slide 13: Inspection Plans

Project Results

Slide 14: Project Results


Slide 15: Questions?

Case Study Inquiry

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