Announcing Our New Inspection Services Group


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Scott Jones, President of AOC, talks about our decision to add an Inspection Service Group to our team. This addition to AOC is indicative of our continued commitment to providing high quality services to our clients and partners.

Announcing our new Inspection Services Group

As consultants helping operating companies implement Risk Based Inspection, Conventional Inspection programs, or other special emphasis programs, we see a lot of inspection reports. Unfortunately, they are rarely similar in format or in the information returned upon completion of the inspection. I've lost track of how many times I've opened up a folder to evaluate inspection results and found a note stating "No discrepancies noted. Returned to service." No matter how many Damage Mechanism Reviews you conduct, unless you have thorough documentation of inspection results you don't really know the condition of your equipment, and this could lead to serious consequences down the road. Inspection results provide confirmation that the potential damage mechanisms and damage rates that are arrived at during a Damage Mechanism Review are valid and accurate. They provide the real life status and condition of the equipment being inspected at that point in time. They also provide valuable information for use in other initiatives like Risk Based Inspection or Corrosion Under Insulation programs.

AOC is pleased to announce the formation of our Inspection Service Group. Our intent is to provide high quality API Inspectors and ASNT qualified technicians to support our customer's and AOC's internal initiatives. We believe the addition of high quality inspection resources to our team will provide significant value both to AOC and to our customers and partners.

  • The group will be trained in AOC Mechanical Integrity work flow processes and our customer approved procedures.
  • Inspection results will be consistent and repeatable from one inspection to the next, making it easier to update Risk Based Inspection programs and remaining life assessments for the equipment.
  • AOC's Learning Management approach to Mechanical Integrity will be used to integrate customer inspection resources into the team, train them on the appropriate Mechanical Integrity procedures and work flows, and place them in a situation such that they are fully capable of performing and maintaining the inspection program in their area of responsibility.

Our customers can rest assured that they are getting the highest quality inspectors and technicians to support their inspection programs. Our customer's time is valuable and they don't really have the time to shop inspection providers if they can help it. Our commitment to provide high quality resources when needed, where needed will eliminate the churn often involved in staffing an inspection initiative. We can help staff or supplement your Mechanical Integrity Inspection team, by providing API Certified Inspectors and ASNT qualified technicians to handle your daily "run and maintain" inspection needs either on a short term or long term basis.

Wayne Elliott

Wayne Elliott has agreed to join the AOC team to lead our Inspection Service Group. Prior to joining AOC, Wayne was the founder and President of Elliott Services for 27 years, providing API and ASNT resources to operating companies around the nation. In that role Wayne was responsible for employees' well-being, client relations, business growth and financial planning. Wayne places strong emphasis on ensuring that all expectations of his customers and his employees are being exceeded. This is one thing that makes him a perfect fit within the AOC team. We couldn't be happier to have him and his many years of knowledge about this part of the business.

Please join me in welcoming Wayne to our team.

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3/27/2019 - Sed Freeman
What a GREAT FIT for AOC and for you Mr. Elliott!!! Congratulations to you both!!!
3/27/2019 - Juan Carlos Ruiz-Rico
3/27/2019 - Juan V. Ornelas Jr.
Congratulations My Good Friend, I know without a shadow of a doubt that you are an awesome asset to AOC. May our GOD bless you, give you KNOWLEDGE , UNDERSTANDING, WISDOM for you to do above and beyond your capabilities. BLESSINGS MY GOOD FRIEND JUAN V. ORNELAS JR.
3/27/2019 - Leonardo Cardenas
Excelent addition to business. Looking forward to see all the services that will be added.
3/27/2019 - Jim Neff
Great news. Mr. Elliott is an asset that will bring complete professionalism to your group. Building strong, long term client relationships due to providing quality personnel and ethical inspection services.
4/12/2019 - Steve Skidmore
Known Wayne many years since gave me first API job. An honest man with a huge amount of integrity!

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